A client for the First Internet Backgammon Server

Use this program to play backgammon on FIBS.
This program runs on win32-systems. Tested on 9x, 2000, NT and XP.

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  • Scaleable board, with various schemes
  • Save all matches/games played or watched during a session
  • Replay matches
  • Export a match to JF .mat-file
  • With sound
  • RepBot integration
  • Import BGBlitz .GAM-files
  • Move list, game list, chat and chat with window, terminal
  • Player list updated automatically, sort, filter
  • Mark friends, abusers
  • Move checkers by one mouse click or drag and drop
  • Internal move legality check
  • Only the executable needed, no garbage in the system registry
  • Multilingual: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Still under heavy development and supported
  • Open Source


Since version C4FIBS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Please read the terms before using this program.

C4FIBS setup executable

C4FIBS source code tar.gz

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Execute the downloaded file. The setup program copies only some files (the program, license, todo, changelog) to the C4FIBS directory and creates some shortcuts. If you start c4fibs it creates a log and rc file in the same directory. Nothing is saved in the system registry or in an other place on your system. To uninstall the program execute the uninstall program from the start menu.


Please submit your suggestions, bugs or comments.


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